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EDUC Online Staff Training Programme in 21st Century Skills
First Edition - Winter 2022-2023

The EDUC Alliance is happy to present the first edition of its Staff training programme in 21st Century Skills, developed as part of the EDUC SHARE project. This training programme, composed of a series of online training sessions in English offered by the 6 founding members of the EDUC Alliance, is accessible to all of their faculty and administrative staff.

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Places will be allocated to the participants on the basis of first come, first served. Fill in the registration form below if you are interested in attending one or more sessions! The minimum level of English required to participate is B2 or higher.

Embracing cultural diversity at university - 30 Nov 2022

By Gabi Kratochwil, training coach in Diversity Management & Inclusion, Intercultural Teambuilding and Women & Leadership - Potsdam
30 November 2022, 9:00-13:00
Number of participants : up to 16

What do intercultural differences mean for our cooperation at university? How do different cultural dimensions shape our mutual expectations, for example, in research, teaching or living together in the dormitory? How can we strengthen our personal strategies for intercultural encounters, enrich our perspectives and improve crosscultural cooperation at university?
This workshop is about:
● Strengthening intercultural competencies and enable the participants to change perspectives
● Learning about cultural awareness, selfperception and the perception of the „other“
● Reflection on the cultural conditionality of value systems, cultural dimensions and behaviour
● Cultural dimensions and their impact on working situations at university: mutual expectations, challenges and opportunities
● Reflection of the balance between adaption and authenticity when working with people from different cultural backgrounds
● Strengthening personal strategies for intercultural encounters / improving cooperative relations

Problem-solving and decision-making - 15 Dec 2022

By Cristina Cabras, Associate Professor of Social Psychology, Work and Organizational Psychology (UniCa) & Mirian Agus, Associate Professor of Psychometrics, Psychologist (UniCa) - Cagliari
15 December 2022, 10:00-13:00
Number of participants : up to 50

The training activities will refer to the scientific area of Cognitive Psychology Applied to Problem Solving and Decision Making. During the 3 hours of the course, the teachers will address the following aspects of problem-solving and decision making:
● Topic presentation
● Exercise
● Problem finding – detection of a problem
● Problem setting – definition of a problem
● Problem analysis – decomposition of the main problem in secondary problems
● Decision making – decision on how to act
● Decision taking – transition to action
● Question time
● Discussion and conclusions

Master brain - 7 Dec 2022

By Václav Strnadel (company Azteka) - Masaryk
7 December 2022, 9:00-12:30

Number of participants : 25-30

Make full use of your brain power! In this workshop full of practical exercises, you will find out how our memory really works. How we create memories and why we forget.
How to remember and learn anything you want. And here is a little spoiler alert: although our brain is an amazing organ, you will discover it cannot be always trusted…
Workshop contents:
● What do we remember and why do we forget?
● Creating memories. Even the false ones.
● Sensory, short- and long-term memory in practice
● Storytelling and memory hacking

Introduction to storytelling - 11 Jan 2023

By Zsolt Bedő and Vivien Csapi, Directors of the Simonyi Business and Economic Development Center at the University of Pécs - Pécs
11 January 2023, 9:00-11:00
Number of participants : 16-20

Mostly we rely on stories to put our ideas into context and give them meaning’ (Tim Brown). Stories are what create and maintain cultures. They shape not only how we see ourselves, but how we see the world.
● Storytelling is core to communicating effectively, taps into our innate creativity, facilitates cohesion and understanding.
● Learn about storytelling frameworks.
● Learn about storytelling templates.

Design thinking through storytelling - 18 Jan 2023

By Zsolt Bedő and Vivien Csapi, Directors of the Simonyi Business and Economic Development Center at the University of Pécs - Pécs
18 January 2023, 9:00-11:00
Number of participants : 16-20

How do we create innovative products and services that will solve big problems? By understanding the connection between empathy, storytelling and innovation. Stories are the only tool we have to create connections. Connection creates understanding, understanding creates agreement and agreement facilitates action towards a shared goal that brings new innovations into being.
● Start with a project hook: An opening so exciting that it convinces the audience that your story is worth listening/reading.
● Create your (emotional character) persona
● Learn about storytelling frameworks (from an innovation perspective)
● Pitch your story

Sense-making at work - 26 Jan 2023

By Béatrice Bellini - Nanterre
26 January 2023, 9:30-12:30
Number of participants : 7-12

In this interactive workshop, Béatrice Bellini will introduce and discuss with participants the concepts of well-being and meaning at work. Sharing her experience of the ‘EDUCating for Positive Management’ project, Béatrice will discuss the notions of team well-being and the place of the social at work in a French and European context.

Identify and mobilize your soft skills - 31 Jan 2023

By Lucy Arbuckle - Rennes
31 January 2023, 9:30-12:30
Number of participants : up to 16

Soft skills are increasingly valued by recruiters. Used on a daily basis, they help to anticipate a person's ability to integrate easily, to work in a team and/or independently. This workshop will help you identify your soft skills and develop them.

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